What is Better; Deck Painting VS Staining? Best Paint & Stain to Use to Refinish & Restore Your Old Outdoor Wood Deck Floor in Fountain Hills, AZ

When you have a wooden deck on your house, you will be faced with the decision to either paint, stain and/or seal it. You have to do something in order to protect the wood from the harsh elements it endures. Here in the desert, the biggest problem you will have will be sun exposure. All Painting & Restoration is here to talk about paint and stain and which once might be the best choice for your deck.

Repainting an Outdoor Wooden Deck; What Kind of Paint to Use

Paint is a great choice for decks because of the many options available to you. You can transform your deck into whatever color you like. Painting is great for hiding blemishes in the wood. It can fill in dents and dings much better than staining can. The one thing you need to consider with paint is the long term goal. If you aren’t using an incredibly durable paint, it will have a hard time standing the tests of time. You need a paint that will not start cracking and chipping within the first year you have it on the deck. Buy a paint that is specifically made for decks and patios to ensure you have a durable paint that will do the job.

Should I Stain My Old Wood Deck?

When you have a wooden deck, nothing will bring out its natural beauty quite like staining it will. You will be able to see the natural grain of the wood, and it will have a very organic look to it. Stain also comes in a variety of different colors. Of course these will all be natural colors, but you will have plenty of choices to choose from. Staining is a great option for decks because of the durability of it. You don’t have to worry about stain chipping and starting to look aged a few years after staining it. Obviously, you will want to be sure the stain you are choosing is a high quality stain, because just like paint, if you choose a cheap stain, you will get cheap results. You definitely need to make sure the surface has been properly prepared for staining before applying any stain for best results, but stain is a great durable option.

Signs You Need Deck Refinishing & Restoration (And Staining, Painting and/or Sealing)

You might be wondering how you know if it is time to refinish the surface of your deck. You can easily do what is called a “sprinkle test” to see if it is time for some sort of finish to be applied to your deck’s surface. When you sprinkle water on your deck’s surface the water should bead up. If it soaks into the wood, you know it is time to refinish your deck because there is nothing creating a barrier between the wood and the elements.

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