Structural Deck, Shutters, Window Frames, Eaves, Siding & Other Wood Dry Rot Repair

All Painting and Restoration is fully licensed and insured to offer commercial and residential property owners with a number of painting and contracting services in The White Mountains Region, Arizona area. We complete all projects with premium products, materials, and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals to ensure maximum results. Our technicians are the best in the industry, having the experience, training, and skills that qualify them to tackle any task associated with our services. All Painting and Restoration diligently incorporates high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and friendly customer service to every project, as well as superior execution on all services rendered.

Rotted Wood Repair for Decks, Siding, Windows & More

All Painting and Restoration includes wood dry rot repair services for the commercial and residential customers in the White Mountains Region, Arizona. When dry rot appears on the various wooden materials used to construct the structure of your home or business it is not only important to repair, but it is crucial that we find the root of the cause. If the dry rot is layers deeps, repairing the damage with a wood filler or paint can cause siding failure within a year’s time. Our experts will assess the individual circumstances of the dry rot inflicting your home or business and determine if repair or replacement is more beneficial.

Structural Deck, Shutters, Window Frames, Eaves, Siding & Other Wood Dry Rot Repair in Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Greer, Springville, Eagar, McNary, Alpine, Heber/Overgaard, Payson, Snowflake/Taylor & White Mountains Area of Arizona

Fixing dry rotted wood makes something old new again. It preserves the original character and saves you money too. If your home or business in the White Mountain Region, Arizona is experiencing dry rot, call in the experts of All Painting and Restoration and let us assist you! Call All Painting and Restoration today to get started!

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