Are Your Exterior House Painting Colors Attracting Pests in Fountain Hills, AZ? Dark Paint Colors Attract Mosquitoes, Yellow & Orange Bugs etc

The color of your home can say a lot about you. It can lead to a much nicer curb appeal as well as set you apart from your neighbors. When you choose a color to paint the exterior of your home you may consider many different factors. The color should blend in well with the rest of the exterior of your home including the roof. You may also want to decide on a color that is specific to the style or time period of your home. When choosing a color either on your own or with a color consultant you need to also consider if you are attracting pests. It may not seem that the color of your home could make a difference but it really can. There are some pests and unwanted nuisance wildlife that might mistake the color of your home for a place to nest and or feed. Having an idea what color you choose and what potential pests might be attracted to it is a great place to start.

All Painting & Restoration Explains What Color Exterior Might Attract Particular Pest Species

What Paint Colors Attract Mosquitoes: The hype over mosquitoes has come to the forefront in the last few years because of the potential diseases they carry. Although mosquitoes have always been known to carry disease, the Zika virus is something fairly new and dangerous for soon to be mothers. If you want to keep mosquitoes away from your home, your exterior paint color may be a great place to start. Mosquitoes actually identify and see darker colors much better than they do lighter colors. If they see a darker color they may be attracted to it. If you want to keep them away you may want to go with a lighter or even white color for the exterior of your home.
What Paint Colors Attract Bugs: Bugs are another type of pest that no one wants crawling around their home or even to close to their home. They are nasty and can bite or sting and cause fear when they are too close. Bugs can see color in the UV spectrum and that means that they can see clearly the colors that mean food to them. Food is usually in the form of brighter colors and when you use a color such as yellow or orange, you may be attracting bugs. They are less likely to be attracted to the color green which works well on many style homes.
What Paint Colors Are Birds Attracted to?: Birds are a nuisance when they are living in the spaces around your home such as eaves and roofs. Birds are a wonderful part of the environment as long as they stay where they belong in the trees and bushes. If you want to keep the most aggressive types of birds away, avoid from bright colors that they may interpret as food. If you want the birds that like to nest kept away, go for a brown or grey exterior.

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