Wall Paint Colors for Light, Cherry, Oak or Dark Hardwood Floors in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

Hardwood floors have many different colors and hues. Whether you already have wood floors and are looking to change up the color of the walls, or replacing the floor with wood options with no intentions of changing the walls, or you are about to tackle both projects, in any case, some people are overwhelmed with the color options and want to make sure the color of the wood floors flow with the rest of the color scheme in the room. Today, we at All Painting & Restoration would like to offer a quick guide to compliment the common wood floor types.

Paint Colors for Light Wood Floors

Light hardwood floor is the common option homeowners and business implement in their design. Lighter colors help brighten the space, make it feel more open, and the dirt is not as obvious, making the floor look cleaner. Light floors will have undertones. If, for example, the light wood floor is grey or ashy tint, a grey paint with an undertone of another color can offer a more relaxing and inviting environment. Shades of blue in the light floor would really make them pop with walls painted grey-blue or pastel blue. Brown undertones is often the simple hue in light wood as well. Painting the walls, a darker tan, creamy or off-white, will bring warmth, comfort, and a crisp-clean feel to the room. Painting the light wood’s color on the trim can offer a seamless look with clean lines when using semi- or high-gloss finish for more durability.

Cherry Hardwood Floor & Wall Color Combinations

Another popular option is cherry hardwood floors. Cherry considered an elegant option, opens the door to many colors. To help make the cherry floor be the focal point, the walls painted white with slight undertone that matches the cherry will help you reach that goal. Intensify the cherry floor color by paining the walls a green color making the room visually striking. Be sure to stay away from greens with yellow undertones when choosing the shade of green. It’s certainly possible to choose red for the wall colors even with cherry floors. If that seems to be a bit too much, however, you can even choose pastel colors, such as blue. Grey is also a popular choice, especially with blue undertones. The blue helps to create a calming environment in the room.

Wall Colors for Dark Wood Floors

Dark-rich hardwood floors really catch the eye. When it comes to darker colors, you really need to bring balance with light. Natural light really helps make the darker floors feel comfortable. Homes with very open floorplans can help feel more cozier with the dark wood floors. To help lighten the room, blues and greens can do the trick while still helping the feel of it being relaxing. Grey, light beiges, or other light colors that have a subtle undertone like in the hardwood floor compliments the color scheme as well. Paint the ceiling a bright white to reflect more natural light into the space.

Paint Colors that Go with Oak Wood Flooring

Popular for a variety of reasons, solid oak hardwood floor is breathtaking, especially with defined wood patterns. Oak flooring has the longevity and durability than other wood types. Red oaks are warm with the reddish undertones. Pastes compliment the deep red and it still contributes to lightening the space. White oak is often lighter than what you may expect once it has been installed. When choosing a cohesive color, it is important to remember that. White paint that has an undertone can offer color more subtly. For more contrast, a darker color can really make the white oak pop, such as navy, charcoal, cinnamon, dark green, or plum.

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