Top Small Bathroom Paint Color Schemes to Make it Look Bigger & More Relaxing in Fountain Hills, AZ; White, Pearl Gray, Soft Yellow & More

Sometimes picking the right paint colors for your small bathroom can be tricky. These are spaces where there usually isn’t an abundance of natural light and the space is pretty tight. Choosing the right paint colors for a small bathroom will help it feel like there is more space than there actually is while giving it an inviting feeling as well. All Painting & Restoration is here to share some tips to help you pick out the perfect paint color for your small bathroom.

Don’t Choose Your Paint Colors in the Store’s Lighting

The worst thing you can do when selecting the right paint color for your bathroom is choosing it at the store without taking it home. Since bathrooms usually work with artificial lighting rather than natural lighting, it is almost impossible to really gauge what a paint color will look like unless you are in the space. Take home several samples and look at them under the lighting that will be available in the bathroom before you make your final selection. Not only should you take them home, but look at them during different times of the day to truly understand what the paint will look like due to metamerism.

Consider the Flooring & Bathroom Cabinet Color when Choosing the Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

When it comes down to choosing the right paint color, you should consider what flooring and cabinets are in the bathroom (unless you are going to upgrade those as well). Choosing a paint color that compliments the flooring and cabinets will help with the flow of the space. You don’t want to choose a paint color that contrasts the flooring or the space won’t feel inviting. And let’s face it – flooring and cabinets are a lot harder to replace than shower curtains and bath mats.

Research Common Bathroom Paint Colors Selected by Builders

When choosing the right paint colors, look at the colors that builders are currently using in their homes. There is a reason they have “go to” colors and that is simply because they work well. Some popular paint colors right now include:
1. White Paint Color for Walls & Ceilings– White is the most common color selected for small bathrooms, because of the crisp, clean finish it offers. It will help a small space appear larger.
2. Pearl Gray Bathroom Paint Color– The iridescent properties found in this color can mimic natural sunlight and give the space an airy feel.
3. Soft Yellow Paint Color– When using yellow in a small bathroom, stay away from bright yellows. When you choose pale or soft yellows instead, it will brighten any bathroom. This is especially true when you pair it with white trim.
4. Aqua Paint Color Scheme– Aqua is a color that is gaining popularity in bathrooms because of the organic feel it can offer. The mixture of blue and green is similar to the ocean and can still warm up a space while keeping it light an airy as well.

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If you are trying to make the perfect paint color selection for your small bathroom, take your time and look at several samples in the space. All Painting & Restoration has years of experience and expertise in choosing the right paint colors and can help you make the right selection for your home or business today. Contact us to discuss your next project!

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