How to Remove Wallpaper from Your Walls in Gilbert, AZ; Sectioning Technique, Applying Glue Softening Solution, Stripping & More

Are you stuck with some old vintage wallpaper? Did you move into a home that was plastered with wallpaper that just isn’t your style? Wallpaper is serious business and it takes a skilled hand using the right tools to do it right. Wallpaper has really made some major advancements in the last ten years with the looks that are now available. There are patterns, scenery and even textures that make up a vast array of options. Wallpaper has taken some major steps to be more modern and contemporary but it is still not great for everyone. Some people want the more classic look of a painted wall in their home. If you have wallpaper and want a change, the only way to achieve that is to get it removed. Removing wallpaper is a process that is best left to the professionals. If you don’t do the removal correctly you can cause damage to the drywall that will need to be repaired. This will not only cost you money but time that you could have used to repaint the walls.

All Painting & Restoration Outlines Steps that Need to Be Taken to Remove Wallpaper from Your Walls

Wallpaper Sectioning Technique: You want to look at the home and see what walls will need wallpaper removed. You may have wallpaper in more than one room so make a plan on what area you are going to work on first. You can’t work on the entire place all at once and you cant even work on a whole wall at the same time. You want to set up your plan so that you know what wall and what section you want to work on and in what order makes sense to save time. You will need to clear out each room and take everything off the walls to get the work done.
Treat The Wallpaper With a Glue Softening Solution: The wallpaper is adhered to the wall with an adhesive that is made to stick well. The adhesive is strong holding and will take some work to separate it from the wall. The best method is to use a solution that is made to soak through the wallpaper and into the adhesive. It will start to soften the glue and make it so that you can remove the wallpaper without too much work.
Wallpaper Scoring & Stripping: The next step after you take after the wallpaper has been softened is to start to work the paper away. The paper needs to be pulled away using a tool that is not too hard but hard enough to scrape it away. If you get too deep in the wall it can cause damage so be sure that you are careful with the process.
Wash Walls After Removing Wallpaper: The last step after you get all the wallpaper off the wall is to clean the wall. You will need to prep the wall so that it can have any repairs needed to the drywall as well as possible reapplication of texture to make it blend in. Then it can be painted with a color of your choice.

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