How Many Coats of Interior Paint Needed on New Drywall or Painted Walls in Fountain Hills, AZ to Hide Imperfections & Without Streaks

When you go to someone’s house and you can see that there is a shiny spot on the wall or you see that they used paint to touch up an area, it definitely takes away from the look and feel of that room. The room may look like it was painted by an amateur and not done correctly. You don’t want your paint job to have spots that the color and shine don’t match. It is easy to take a small picture frame and paint it with a consistent look but an entire room is much more difficult. That is why it is always best to hire a professional to come out and do the job for you. It will save you time and money and you will end up with a good and consistent finish. If you choose to try and paint a room on your own, you want to follow a few tips to ensure you get the finish you were hoping for.

All Painting & Restoration Lists Tips to Get a Consistent Finish When Painting a Large Room

Buy All Gallons of Paint Needed at the Same Time: One mistake that people make when they paint their own room is that they buy a small amount of paint and get the job started. They do a half a wall and head back to their local home improvement store to grab another gallon. When you start up again you may notice as it starts to dry that the shade is just not the same as the first gallon. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you measure the room properly and purchase the paint color that you want all at the same time at the same location. You can even check to see if it is from the same batch. This is the best chance to get paint that is all going to end up drying and looking the same.
Avoid Touch Up Paint on Walls Not Matching: When you are ready to start the painting and you are sure you have the right amount of paint you should start on one wall. Use the same can for that particular wall and don’t switch in the middle. You also need to leave a small amount of paint in the can and label it so that you know what wall it was used on. That way down the line if you need to touch up any spots you are able to do that. Keep the cans in a safe dry place so they are available when you need to use them.
Use The Same Number Coats of Paint on Each Wall: Two coats of interior paint is usually all that is needed. And if you do put two coats of paint on one wall, you need to make sure that you do the same on the other walls. Keep a count so you know where you are on each wall. That way when the paint has had time to dry it will dry to the same level of opaqueness. This is a big reason that rooms have different shades on the wall.
Hire a Professional Painter: If you want to ensure that you get a good consistent finish when a room is painted you should hire a professional. We are able to calculate the amount of painted needed as well as apply it to the each wall consistently.

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