Interior Painting Myths in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ; Lighter Paint Colors for Rooms w/ Little Natural Light, Warm Colors in West Facing Rooms & More

If you’ve decided you’re ready for a painting project in your home, there are some myths about interior painting you should know about! All Painting & Restoration have prepared a list to help you avoid them!

Myths About Interior Painting

1. If you paint the walls in a small room it will make it look even smaller. This isn’t true. The color will not make a big difference in how the room feels, so go for it! If two identical rooms are painted with off-white for one and deep purple for the other, people who passed through both rooms almost always preferred the purple room over the off-white and didn’t see any difference in size between the two rooms. This means that you don’t need to sacrifice style for space. The easiest way to make any room look bigger is to paint adjacent rooms with the same shade. This works by making the borders between the rooms disappear and will make the rooms appear more spacious
2. If you have dark furniture, your walls should be lighter. This reasoning is a big mistake to make as furniture will look out of character in a room that has walls painted a totally contrasting color, making it feel like it doesn’t belong in the space. Using saturated and deep colors will soften the contrast and make the color fit better.
3. If there isn’t a lot of natural light, you should use lighter colors. There will be little difference to the walls due to less light coming in from windows even if the walls are white. Many experts will tell you that smaller rooms should be celebrated with darker colors. Small spaces will be emphasized with darker colors and will provide a personal statement about the owner.
4. Warm colors will make a room warmer in a room that faces west. The interior mood of a room can be affected by many aspects. You should not pick the color of your walls based on environmental elements or light. Darker colors emphasize intimacy of a room apart from the emotional warmth of a west facing room. You should always choose colors after you have spent time in the area that will be painted.
5. Painting a ceiling will make a room look smaller. A clear blue sky appears further away from you than a cream-colored ceiling. If you paint your ceiling a shade of blue, it can make the room feel taller. Try using a medium shade on the walls with a shade or two darker on the ceiling for a spacious look.
6. If you want to freshen up one wall, you’ll need to do them all. This is not true. You only need to paint walls as they need it. Even if you’ve forgotten the name of the color and need to match the color closely, people will not notice. High-traffic areas and entryways will need to be painted more often.

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It doesn’t matter how big the space is that you’re painting, you always need to look at two things that will affect the space. Location and light will both play a role in the way your space will look and feel. If you take the time to figure those out, the color of paint you choose will be easier. All Painting & Restoration offers color consultations and professional painting services for any sized job. Contact us today!

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