Definition, Purpose, Process & Advantages of Mobile Sandblasting AKA Abrasive Media Blasting to Prepare Surfaces for Paint & Varnish etc in Show Low, AZ

When something has sustained damage of any sort and it needs to be cleaned off, there are more time and energy efficient ways of removing it than with a piece of sand paper! Sandblasting is a method used to clean and maintain many different surfaces such as log homes and metal roofs for example. All Painting & Restoration is here to talk about sandblasting and how you can benefit from it.

Sandblasting Meaning & Definition

Sandblasting is used when you are trying to roughen or clean a surface. It is a great tool when restoring objects and getting them to their original state. It is applied to a surface with the use of coarse grains of sand and high pressure air through a nozzle. When compressed air and sand together are blasted at an object it removes the outer surface, leaving a clean slate and “like new” surface to work with and paint.

Sandblasting Removes Rust & Paint from Metal

As an object gets older, the leading cause of damage is due to rust. It spreads from one metal to another and at times it can cause irreversible damage. This is especially true with different kinds of machinery and other metal surfaces such as roofs. Sandblasting is an effective way to get rid of unwanted rust. Having rust sandblasted off of machinery can extend its lifespan and keep it in good working order.

Sandblasting Prepares Surfaces for Paint, Stain & Varnish etc

There are many surfaces that can benefit from sandblastings. Some of them include wood, glass, copper, stone, brick and metals. If you are preparing to paint or stain any of these surfaces, you should consider having them sandblasted. It is effective in removing old paint, polyurethane, varnish, dirt, coatings, and other casting materials. After having a surface sandblasted, you will be left with a clean smooth surface that is in perfect condition to have a fresh coat of paint or varnish applied.

Are Sandblasting Equipment & Supplies Eco-Friendly

When you have something sandblasted, it is dustless because of the sand being used. You don’t have to worry about using chemicals to remove old layers of paint and rust. Sandblasting is a technique that doesn’t harm the environment or the people doing it.

Sandblasting Standards; When Done Correctly, Media Blasting is a Safe, Quick Procedure & Better Than the Alternatives!

To prepare surfaces for painting, staining or other finishing outcomes, sandblasting generally replaces sanding, wire brushing and pickling. With sandblasting, no other cleaning is necessary because the blasted surface is chemically and mechanically cleaned. When you try to use sandpaper to prepare a surface for restoration, it can take you hours, if not days to complete the task. The man hours to get surfaces ready is unreal. Not only that, but with other techniques, your surface won’t be near as pristine as it is when you have a surface sandblasted. Sandblasting is a very quick way to get surfaces ready for the next step in restoration. If you are needing something restored quickly, sandblasting is the best option for you.

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The next time you want to restore something or get it cleaned up, consider sandblasting. All Painting & Restoration offers sandblasting as well as painting to give a professional finish to any project you might be embarking in. We offer sandblasting in homes, commercial and industrial settings. Call today for an appointment.

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