How to Prepare Your Fountain Hills, AZ House for Exterior Painting this Spring; Sand, Clean, Seal, Tape, Color Selection, Minimum Temperature & More

Having a new coat of paint on your residence is a great way to start off the fresh new season. It is also a great way to add value to your home if you want to try and sell it. The paint that you choose is only a small part of what goes into painting although it is a huge deal. The color that you choose can say a lot about you and what you want to say. There are other things to consider when you pick a color such as what the rest of your neighborhood looks like. You want to stand out but not so much that you break up the look of the area. Color choice is a big deal and you can ask a color consultant to help guide you in the right direction. When you are ready to get the house painted you want to talk to a professional that knows what they are doing. Painting is a profession for a reason and that means that you want to use professionals for your painting needs; especially large projects like your home’s exterior. It is a big adjustment and can take a lot of effort to do the job right.

All Painting & Restoration Lists Some of the Necessary Steps to Paint the Exterior Of Your House

Prepare Outside Walls & Trim for Painting: You may think that making the decision to paint the home and choosing the right color is a big deal but really the steps that lead to paint is the bigger deal. You have to understand that the preparation is very time consuming and if it is not done right it can ruin the finish of the paint job. Once you are ready to paint you need to start checking for areas that are damaged. That can be sun damaged siding, fascia that is peeling or stucco that is cracked. These all need to be repaired and replaced before you start to paint the house. The home needs to be sanded, cleaned with high pressure equipment and sealed. This will pull away all the dirt and debris that get stuck to the exterior of the house. Any dirt that is left behind will cause the new coat of paint to lift off and start to bubble or crack. This then leads to needing paint done again prematurely.
Time to Paint House Exterior: Now that the house has been prepped and ready you can start to paint the residence. Although that is a great thought you need to cover all the areas that are not going to need to be painted such as planters. Then the paint can get started. The issue that most people have is they are not sure what to start with. Does the house need a primer? Do you go straight to paint? How much paint and what equipment is needed? Even if you get your hands on a paint sprayer, what pressure should it be set to? You want a consistent, even coverage. And what are the minimum painting temperatures? Is it too cold or hot? These are all things that a professional painter knows the answers too. We have the knowledge to pick up the right amount of paint and the equipment to do the job right the first time.

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