Painting Pastel Pink, Blue & Other Colors on Walls in Living Rooms in Overgaard, AZ

After enduring the gray winter some people want to introduce some warmth and color into their homes for some needed color. It is a proven science that color influences the mood and psychology. Introducing soft color, like pastels into your Greater Payson, Arizona home can help you make a statement while keeping in the latest trends and getting some colors that have been absent this winter. With that in mind, we at All Painting and Restoration would like to briefly talk about using pastels in your home.

Pastel Painting Tutorials

Pastels or pale shades of color are coming back and are being used in more applications in just little girl bedrooms. Where they have an unfair stereotype is that they are Easter egg colors and not really applicable in the interior of a home. Pastels has re-emerged better than when they were used in the past, with a more calming and airy feel, these pale and enhanced pastels can be used in a variety of ways. Think beyond blue and pink, as modern pastels are no longer restricted to these standards, but have depth and substance where they are far more vibrant and usable than you originally thought. Pastels are not exclusive to females, as a common misconception may have you believe, but a wide variety of the pale palettes can be masculine such as pale gray for example.

Pastel Bedroom Painting Colors

A rather popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, because of the soothing effect that pastels have, they are also branching out into other rooms, especially when the grays are paired with warm colors, such as orange, yellow, and pink as accent colors. According to the designing experts at All Painting & Restoration, it is recommended that after you pick the pastel color of choice, you select a shade lighter. These colors are especially intense once they spread across the surface. Additionally, consider applying a clear finishing glaze, especially in smaller rooms because pastels add extreme depth.

Pastel Paint Accent Colors for Living Rooms & Other Areas

If you seem partial to creams and pale beiges, but want to splash the room with color, consider a selection from the pastel palettes. Pastels can truly excel in a variety of circumstances. For example, if you love the cream walls as a primary color use a favorite soft pastel color an accent wall or keep it more subtle for the trim. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, use the pastel favorite as the primary color, and soften it up with a white, cream, or beige as the accent or trim work. Keep in mind, neutrals compliment the pastel shades very well, particularly grays, whites, and even black, but do not limit your creativity. The pastels have versatile options and when done with the right balance, will leave you a beautiful end result. Bold and vivid colors provide a graceful distinction against these pale hues that are so easily paired with. They work well in any space and can be incorporated into most d├ęcor styles; and no matter which furnishings and accessories you have showcasing your room, the perfect background for any interior wall are pastels.

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If you are attracted to the pastel palette in your Payson, Arizona home, call in the experts of All Painting and Restoration and let us help you get the interior painted with precision and efficiency. Call us today to get started!

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