Are Wainscoting Chair Rails Still in Style in Alpine, AZ? Should You Paint the Same Color Above & Below?

When you are looking to add a new design element to your home there are lots to choose from. You can add some color to your home with new paint on the wall. You can go out and buy new curtains, throw pillows and other décor to add a fresh look to a room. If you are looking to step up the design element in your home you can always add some trim work. There are several areas that people choose to add trim to their home or upgrade the trim you already have. You can have crown molding put up which is at the top of the wall and the ceiling. The trim will add a design element as well as elegance to any room. You can also upgrade your boring baseboard with one that has more design and carving in it. There is also trim around doors and windows which you have the option of upgrading but don’t forget a beautiful chair rail. A chair rail is a way to add décor, design and elegance to a room and has several benefits.

All Painting & Restoration Explains How Adding A Chair Rail Can Add Elegance to Your Home

Chair Rail Adds Beauty: When you walk in a room it will often have baseboards. These are the boards that run along the wall at the floor level. They are many times painted white but can be other colors as well. The room can also have crown molding that is at the height of the room and is white in most cases as well. They are both out of the natural sight of a person that walks in the room. That is where the chair rail will come in. The rail is a piece of wood or other composite material that is attached the wall. It is placed where a chair that when pulled out would hit the wall. The rail will break the room from top to bottom and add an extra layer of beauty to any room from dining rooms to bedrooms. You can paint the same color or two different shades above and below the rail.
Chair Rail is an Accent to a Room: When you add a chair rail to a room you are separating the room into two parts. The upper part that goes to the ceiling and the lower portion that extends to the floor. The great thing is that with this new division you can easily layer the colors in the room. Some people choose to have a darker or patterned color on the lower portion and an accent color above. The chair rail will allow the separation of these areas a nice clean and clear point.

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If you are interested in having a new chair rail installed in your home you want to call a company that has expertise in the installation. They also should have the ability to paint the room since this is a great time to do it as well. All Painting & Restoration offers it all! We can repair any knicks, dents on holes in your drywall, texture, install trim and paint to give you a flawless finish. Contact us for a consultation today!

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