Is it Better to Paint or Stain an Outdoor Wood Deck, Fence or Gazebo in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ?

With any wooden feature outside your home, whether it be a fence, deck or gazebo, you will want to protect the wood from the sun, rain, snow and dirt. Some will debate that you should use stain to protect wood while others say paint is better. If you’re putting in a wood feature or have a wood feature that requires refinishing, you may be wondering if you should paint or stain your deck or fence. In the end, it will depend on your preferences. All Painting & Restoration will list the pros and cons of both paint and stain along with their differences.

Staining Exterior Wood Siding & Other Surfaces

Stain maintains the natural look of the wood. With a stain, you still can see the grains of the wood with a slightly different tint to the wood. For some who love the natural look of wood and want to see the unique patterns of the wood grain this is a pro. For those who prefer a flat and colorful look to their wood, then stain is not for you. Stain will still help protect your wood from most weather conditions. Water from rain and snow can’t penetrate the stain and sealer. However, some stains don’t always withstand the UV damage from the sun. When you stain a deck or fence, it can dry out and get dry rot. Of course, this can be easily prevented with a fresh coat of stain. Every three to five years, depending on the quality of stain used previously, you will need to strip, sand, and re-stain your deck or fence.

Painting Outdoor Wood Furniture & Other Items

Painting provides many benefits such as UV protection as well as water resistance. Most paint lasts longer than stain. However, this will depend on the quality of paint. Depending on the quality, you will need to refinish your wood about every five to eight years. Like stain, you will need to strip, sand, and repaint the wood as the paint and wood begins to look weathered. When you use paint, you also have many color options to choose from. For those who enjoy looking at the unique grain of the wood, then you won’t like paint. When you paint the wood it’s hard to go back later and stain it. On the other hand, if you stained the wood first and find you want to paint instead, it is easier to make that change.

Is it Better to Paint or Stain a Deck, Fence, Gazebo etc?

There are some stains that do protect against UV damage. However, in comparison, paint is still superior in its protection. Both stain and paint will protect the wood from most forms of moisture. Even so, extended exposure to moisture will require the need to refinish your deck or fence before the wood becomes compromised. Eventually, both paint and stain will require stripping, sanding and refinishing to continually protect your wood and extend the life of your fence or deck. You will want to consider refinishing your deck or fence every three years to ensure the longevity of your wooden feature.

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As your fence, deck, or gazebo or other exterior wooden surface begins to look weathered down, or it has been a few years since it was last refinished, you should consider refinishing your deck or fence soon. If you need help refinishing any of your yards wooden features, contact All Painting & Restoration and schedule a refinishing service today!

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