Coved Ceiling Medallion Paint Ideas in Gilbert, AZ; Styles, Sizes, Materials, Colors & More

After you have finished with the repainting of your home or a room within your home, consider adding a last bit of flare before you consider your remodeling project complete. Trim work brings a lot of life and wonder to a room. However, most people focus on just the walls. If this is you, consider adding a ceiling medallion to set off your light fixture. All Painting & Restoration will share the history and benefits of ceiling medallions.

Styles & Sizes of Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are used to frame and accentuate lighting fixtures. These pieces of artistry first originated in the Middle East. However the exact period of time is still undetermined. Of course, the popularity of ceiling medallions grew and flourished throughout all of Europe, particularly through France and Italy. As ceiling medallions spread throughout different cultures, styles tended to vary. One style is the Neoclassical which reflected heavily on Greek and Roman art in design. Another design was the Georgian Baroque or federal style in North America. Some other additional styles are Empire which the Persians influenced, Nouveau, and the ever popular Victorian.

Common Materials, Locations & Paint Colors of Ceiling Medallions

Earlier ceiling medallions were made with marble, plaster and even iron. An artisan would carve the material by hand making beautiful designs and works of art that enhanced every home. Today ceiling medallions are made with wood or polyurethane. Most commercial businesses that manufacture ceiling medallions use molds or machine carvers. Nonetheless, you may still be able to find a few craftsmen that will make them by hand. In using modern materials such as wood or polyurethane, the medallions don’t cause any extra weight on the ceiling, especially since most ceilings today are made with drywall. Ceiling medallions were used as a focal point to help draw the eye upward toward flight fixtures. Today, ceiling medallions are used for similar purposes. Ceiling medallions are a great way to bring a certain style or theme to a room and do it with elegance. If you decide to have a ceiling medallion installed in your home, make sure you find the right style and color for your taste. You will find a wide range of styles and even faux material. Some will mimic gold, iron, and marble material. Most are polyurethane and are plain white when purchased. However you can easily paint them to suit your own preference for color. Regardless of your home’s theme or design, you will find that a ceiling medallion can find their place. Some of the more common or popular places to use ceiling medallions are in living rooms, dining rooms or areas for social gatherings. Some enjoy having them in bedrooms as well as entry ways.

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Ceiling medallions are an easy as well as affordable way to bring more refinement and elegance to your room. If you feel like your remodeling project is missing something, consider looking up. Imagine a ceiling medallion in your room. You might find it is just what you are looking for. All Painting & Restoration is here to provide any of our many service such as interior or exterior painting, refinishing cabinets, and decks or fences. For those who are in need of any of our many services, contact All Painting & Restoration today.

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