Paint Sheen Finishes in Fountain Hills, AZ; What Level of Gloss is Best for Your Home or Business?

If you are thinking about painting the interior of your home or business one of the first things you will want to do is decide upon the right color scheme for your interior space. According to the experts at All Painting & Restoration, property owners spend so much time absorbed in choosing their color palettes that they often neglect to think about paint sheen. Selecting the right sheen of paint can make a big difference to the finished project. Paints can be found in a variety of sheens and before you make your final picks it is important to understand which sheens work best for the different areas of your home of office.

Definition of Paint Sheen & Level of Gloss

Some of the most popular brands of paint available on today’s market can be found in a variety of different sheens. Paint sheen is best described as the amount of reflection that can be found in the finish of the paint. If the surfaces that you have chosen to paint are in perfect condition then you can literally select any level of sheen and it will look perfect. Keep this all important rule in mind when selecting sheen. Most surfaces have some imperfections and the higher the sheen will make those same imperfections stand out like a sore thumb while paint with less sheen can actually help camouflage those very same imperfections. Still, selecting the right sheen is not just about the final appearance, it can also add to the way that the paint performs over time. Why? Because paints that contain a high level of sheen are considered much more durable than paints with less sheen.

Paint Sheen Chart

Paints that lack shine (sheen) are considered flat or matte finishes. In a nut shell, the light literally bounces off the surface of the paint in multiple directions. A semi-gloss reflects light much more directly, the same way that a mirror reflects light. Practically any level of sheen can be used in the interior of your home but it’s important to remember that some are considered a better match than others. If you narrow your selections down to two and are still having trouble deciding, you can always ask your All Painting & Restoration professional to mix the two together to customize your finish.
Flat or Matte Finish: Flat or matte finish is most often used to paint ceilings, in fact one of the greatest benefits of a matte finish is its ability to hide imperfections. Since flat paint does not reflect light any imperfections in your walls and ceilings are less likely to be noticed.
Eggshell and Satin: Just like its namesake, eggshell is comprised of a delicate sheen that is similar to the surface of an egg. The sheen is subtle and is well known for creating a soft inviting finish. Satin on the other hand is slightly more reflective than eggshell and has the benefit of resisting dirt and stains. Unlike flat, matte or eggshell finishes satin holds up very well under a light scrubbing making it the perfect choice for rooms that are used on a daily basis.
Semi-gloss and Glossy Sheens: These sheens are pretty self-explanatory, and just as the name implies, they create a shiny glossy finish. Both semi-gloss and gloss are well known for their durability, although they should only be used on walls that have a smooth surface free of defects. One of the benefits of paint with a high sheen is its resistance to moisture. It works well on trim, railings, and molding. Keep in mind that glossy finishes require the surface to be prepped by a professional to ensure a smooth application of paint.

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