How to Safely Harden & Dispose of Latex & Oil Based Paint Cans Properly in Show Low, AZ

Latex and oil base paints are rather toxic and hazardous to the environment. Therefore, you are required to dispose of them properly. Many of us are surprised to learn this fact and most of us throw away left-over paint without realizing the harm they are doing to their environment. All Painting & Restoration will share a step-by-step method to safely and properly dispose of both latex and oil based paints.

How to Harden & Dispose of Latex Paint

Step 1. Before throwing your old paint away, see if there are any recycling programs. Schools, waste haulers or municipalities will collect unwanted paint and often use it for community projects. This is an easy way to get rid of old or unwanted paint.
Step 2. If recycling or donating is unavailable and you want to throw the paint away, especially empty paint cans with some paint residue left inside, you will want to dispose of it properly. You will want to use either shredded paper or cat litter, put some inside the can and seal it. Shake the contents around and then open the can and let the contents dry. Once the paint is absorbed into the paper or cat litter, you can throw it away in a sealed container. (Technically, Latex Paint is not considered a “toxic waste” and does not need to be taken to a toxic waste site). When disposing of the old paints, never pour the remnant paint down a drain as it can and often does damage pipes and infect water supply. Don’t pour the paint on the ground either or you can create a hazardous soil.
Step 3. If you have a lot of paint to dispose of where the cat litter or shredded paper trick won’t work, then purchase a waste paint hardener. This product is usually in a powder form. This can harden the remnant paint within hours.
Step 4. More and more paint manufacturers are using plastic containers; however, for those who have metal cans, after they have been cleared out of the paint, consider recycling the metal. (If you have a lot of paint and you used the paint hardener you won’t be able to recycle the metal paint can. In this case throw it all away.)

Oil Based Paint Disposal

Step 1. Depending on the age of the paint or type of the oil based paint you may have, you will want to read the label for the lead content and hazardous level. Most oil based paint calls for a hazardous waste disposal.
Step 2. You will want to dry out the remnant paint before disposal. You can use cat litter, sawdust or concrete mix to speed up the process. You can also just leave the lid off for a few days. Never dispose of oil based paint by pouring it on the ground. This is considered an illegal act.
Step 3. Next you will want to take your paint cans with the dried paint to a hazardous waste facility. You can do a general search of your local city for your local hazardous waste facility.

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For those who choose to throw away their remnant paint, it is in the best interest of our environment to dispose of this hazardous waste correctly. For those who weren’t aware of how to properly dispose of paint, All Painting & Restoration hopes we were able to enlighten you on the proper disposal methods. Contact All Painting & Restoration if you’re in need of our many services.

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