Painting & Interior Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Fountain Hills, AZ Living Room

When you are ready to take on designing and painting your living space you need to be sure you understand some do’s and don’ts. The living room in your home is a place that people spend a lot of their time and relax with family and friends. When you decide how you want this room to look you need to take into account the layout and the functionality of the room. You also need to decide what is important and what you want to get out of the room. Keep in mind that this is where your company will come and sit down for a visit most likely. When you make painting and design errors you are stuck with a room that does not work the way you really want or how you want it to look.

All Painting & Restoration Lists Mistakes That You Want To Stay Away From When Painting & Designing Your Room

Don’t Be Afraid of Paint Color: When you are ready to start decorating your living room you want to decide on a paint color that will set up the room. It is the base of the room and starts the design off. When you go to look for the right paint color you might want to stick to colors that are monotone or natural which are not bad but there are so many more options. You want to be sure that you use a paint color that you can enjoy and will pull the décor together. This is not always a monotone color but could be a fun and exciting color instead. Don’t be afraid of color and don’t discount colors such as purples, yellows, blues and much more. If you are nervous about color you can use an accent wall in a more modern color. You can also use colors in the same color scheme so that you don’t have a single color throughout the house.
Don’t Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Way: When you go about getting furniture and setting up the room there is some thought you need to take in doing so. The furniture that you have for a particular room needs to fit the space. If you have a small room you need smaller furniture options. When you have a large room, large chunky pieces are the way to go. If you look around your room is all your furniture pushed along a wall? This is not the best way to go in most rooms. If you look at professionally designed rooms you will notice that there are some pieces that are in the center of the room or the room is broken up into several areas using the furniture.
Apartment or House with Not Enough Natural Light: Lastly is light! Light makes a huge difference in the room and what it will look like. You want to ensure that you have a good amount of natural light and offset that with indoor lighting. This may be can lights or lamps that are set up in the room to give off a bright welcoming place to be.

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