How to Add Color to a Room with Paint in Fountain Hills, AZ; Painting Ceiling, Trim & More

When you move into a new home or you are ready to update your home, paint and color is a great way to make it over. The color on the walls of your home are what will set the scene and help to show the mood that you want when people come to visit. Some people are scared of paint and color and don’t want to add too much or too many colors. Fortunately, you can use paint and multiple colors in different ways than just painting each room a different color. A more trendy way to paint your home is to use some echo painting and stay within a color scheme that complement each other. Once you have determined the colors that you want to have painted in your home you need to make some decisions. You can add more pops of color in different ways which can help make your own style show.

All Painting & Restoration Lists Ways to Use Paint to Add Color to Your House

Wainscoting Panels: One of the ways that you can add some color and even a great area of texture to your home is to hang wainscoting. Wainscoting is normally a wooden or other material panel that is used to hang on the bottom half of the wall. The wainscoting adds texture because there are shapes and other patterns that you can choose from. It normally comes in white but can be painted to complement the other colors on the wall. Don’t be afraid to have your wainscoting painted a shade darker than the rest of the wall. This can be a great way to add another depth of color and texture to a room.
Don’t Forget About the Fifth Wall: You look around your room and most of them are square or rectangular. That means there are only four walls that can be painted. That is just not true and you are missing the fifth wall if you think that way. The ceiling is often referred to as the fifth wall and if you look up most of the time it is white. Plain old boring white. Just because that is the norm when it comes to paint color doesn’t mean it is the trend. The new trend does not stop at the walls but continues up to the ceiling. When you work with a paint color consultant we can help choose the right color to find the right mood for your room.
Paint the Doors Trim Molding: Just like the ceiling in your home most of the doors will also be the same color as well as the trim. The crown molding, baseboard and door trim are installed and come in white. The white is a great base you can use to add a splash of color to accent the other colors in your home. Doors are just like a large piece of art that is framed by the door jams. That is why it is a fun area to add color. When you have the interior of your home painted make sure to add to the doors and trim as well.

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