DIY VS Professional Drywall Repair in Fountain Hills, AZ; Time, Health Concerns & Results of Patching, Mudding, Texturing, Painting, Finishing & More

There are plenty of projects around the home that can keep anyone busy, and if the budget was limitless the dream home can be yours. But unfortunately in a struggling economy and a fast paced lifestyle, even the simplest repair can be neglected for a time. Tackling the projects you have ahead of you naturally is prioritized as to what needs to be done instead of what you want done and obviously the financial backing. There are some projects that you try to save a few dollars on, watch a few videos and attempt them yourselves in order to scratch off one more “to do” item off the list. Where there many such duties you can do that with, drywall repair is likely not one you take on yourself. We at All Painting and Restoration would like to shine the light on DIY VS professional drywall repair.

Must Have Tools for a Drywall Repair Kit

Drywall repair, or even replacement job for that matter, requires specific tools to ensure the job is done proficiently. These tools are designed for drywall projects and without them; your drywall will not have the smooth and crisp outcome you would get from a professional, who already has the tools in their possession. Not only would you need to acquire all these tools but you will also need to store them. Below is a list of the basic tools generally needed to complete a drywall repair or replacement.
– 3 ” Wide Flexible Knife
– 6″ Wide Flexible Knife
– 8″ Wide Flexible Knife
– Utility Knife
– Drills
– Screwdrivers
– Hammer
– Level
– Drywall Saw
– Hack Saw
– Hand Sander
– Nail Bar

Materials Needed for Drywall Repair

– Drywall Sheet
– Drywall Compound
– Mesh
– Paper Tape
– Drywall Nails
– Drywall
– Screws-

How Long Does it Take to Repair Drywall?

Unless you have had experience working with drywall and regular practice, completing the drywall repair/replacement can several long hours or even a full day, depending on the extent of the repair. Unless you are the few with extra time on your hands, dedicating the time may not be worth the investment. A professional on the other hand has daily experience, making quick work of the drywall repair service performed quickly and efficiently.

Health Concerns of Drywall Gypsum Dust

Another consideration is the health concerns exposure to drywall dust as well as the physical labor involved to handle the sheets. Drywall is heavier than it looks. A basic 1/2 inch sheet, which averages 4 feet by 8 feet, weighs in over 50 pounds. Especially for people trying to undertake the task alone, manipulating awkward, heavy materials, can leave you with some aches and pains. The drywall dust naturally coincides when working with drywall, can potentially be a serious dilemma for children, elderly and those with respiratory issues. Professionals can keep the drywall contained for the most part, but when the amateur performs the work, the drywall dust can easily make its way into the HVAC system and circulates throughout your home, assaulting your lungs for weeks to come.

Drywall Repair Results

If the drywall mudding isn’t done correctly, the wall will look lumpy and uneven. No amount of paint will mask the obvious botch job. Unless you are able to work with drywall mudding to ensure the wall is crisp, smooth, and even like a professional, the drywall repair will look undesirable. Professionals are not only more time efficient, but they can make the wall look pristine and restored once again.

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If you need some drywall repair done, whether it was due to accidental force, water damage, smoke or fire damage, All Painting and Restoration can get your drywall repair or replacement service completed with superior quality. Call us today to get started!

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