Deck Refinishing, Restoration & Maintenance Services in Fountain Hills, AZ; How to Inspect Framing, Footing, Railing, Planks & Maintain a Wood Deck

Now that the winter season has ended, most people will want to go outside and enjoy the warmth of spring. They might find joy in watching the plants come to life. At this time you may begin to notice that your deck may be in need of some maintenance and repair. This task may seem a bit overwhelming and few may not know where to start. All Painting & Restoration will share a few tips for maintaining your deck in preparation for the coming summer months.

Moisture, Wind & Sun Damage to Decks

Wooden structures exposed to the outdoor elements require yearly maintenance to improve and maintain the integrity of the wood. The two worst elements that damage wood the quickest are moisture and sun damage. Wind also can play a part. However, if you’re maintaining the structure of your deck, wind won’t have any serious affects. For decks that are not maintained, they can become unsafe and hazardous to stand on or enjoy.

Deck Framing, Footing, Railing & Plank Inspection

It is recommended you maintain your deck at the beginning or sometime during the spring and before the summer heat and storms kick in. Before you start the maintenance project of your deck you will want to do a full visual inspection and make note of everything that needs attention. During your inspection, all nails and screws that can be tightened or need replacing should be addressed. Don’t reuse or retighten screws or nails that are rusted or seem weak or broken. These are the one that should be immediately replaced. Also inspect your railing, stairs, and banisters. Check to see if they are loose by giving them a little shake. None of them should move much. If they wiggle around too much, again look for loose screws, nails or wood that may be split or cracked. If there are any issues with the deck’s structure, deal with those problem before you do anything else. You want the structure sound and intact.

Deck Refinishing; Cleaning, Dry Rot Repair, Sanding & Restaining

After you are sure of the deck’s structural integrity and that it is sound, you will want to prepare it for resurfacing. Start by sweeping all the dirt from off of your deck and use either a pressure washer or hose to give it a thorough cleaning. At this time make sure there is no mold or mildew or any other kind of fungus is growing on the wood or inside the grain of the wood. If found, treat with bleach or other cleaning agents known to kill those kinds of life forms. After you have treated your deck, your next step is to use a stripper and remove the old sealer. You will want to scrape it off. Then sand the wood until all the wood splinters and flakes are gone. You will then re-apply your new sealer with a roller and/or paint brush on all the exposed wood of the deck. There are some sealers that will protect wood from both moisture and sun damage. Depending on the grade of sealer, some won’t need resurfacing for 3 to 5 years. If your previous sealer is still in good condition, you may not need to resurface it until it begins to deteriorate.

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Maintaining your deck is part of home ownership. For those who have wooden decks, make sure you inspect and care for them on a yearly basis. The two best times of year to maintain your deck is either during the spring or fall and before harsh weather conditions kick in. If you find you need assistance with maintaining your deck, contact All Painting & Restoration today.

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