Types of Deck Designs & Styles in Springville, AZ; Platform, Raised, Two Story, Freestanding & More

There are many styles and designs of decks that all have their own sets of benefits and how they interact with the home. Adding outdoor living space is becoming increasingly more popular. For those who are considering adding a deck to their home, you may not be sure which style is best suited for you and your family. All Painting & Restoration will share the different styles of decks to help you decide which one is best for you.

Types of Deck Styles & Designs

Platform Decks – Platform decks are built on level solid ground with only a step or two going up to the deck. Platform decks are typically used for single story homes. These decks can have railings on the edges. However, since they are so close to the ground, they don’t require railing. This gives the homeowner the choice to have railing or the more open feel without railing blocking their view. Platform decks are ideal for built-in planters or bench seating. Many love adding angles or curves to their platform deck or even a gazebo attachment for some enclosed privacy. However, because platform decks are close to the ground, it is important to regularly perform maintenance such as re-staining and sealing the deck to keep it protected and beautiful.
Raised Decks – Homes that have a raised or above ground first floor design will need to use a raised deck. Raised decks will require certain safety features such as railing around the deck and staircases for easy access to the back yard. Other features such as skirting will help add to the deck’s appearance and also help protect the inner workings of the deck from the elements. Skirting comes in a variety of materials to choose from. This will add to the unique look of your deck. Some of the more common types of materials are lath or lattice.
Two-Story Decks – For two story homes, a two-story deck provide access to the yard for both the first and second floor. When it comes to adding a deck to a two-story home, often it will require a permit to ensure the deck has met all the proper codes and regulations. Nonetheless, building a two-story deck provides the homeowner with many options including dual living spaces, the above level provides plenty of protection for the ground level areas. For those who like to host parties or those with large families, the two-story deck provides plenty of space.
Multilevel Decks – Multilevel decks are one of the most popular styles of decks because they break up the sections of the deck. They also add diversity to the deck spaces. With this option, you can expand the deck throughout more areas of your yard with each different level. However, the house needs to be slightly raised from the ground level, or the yard will need to slope down in order to correctly install multilevel decks.
Free Standing Decks – Free standing deck can be placed in between a gazebo, deck or pergola. Some can be a covered space away from the rest of the house. Some free standing decks may be a well-designed platform that stands away from the rest of the home. Free standing decks help to give the person some distance away from the home for those looking for a place to relax.

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