Best Bright Interior Paint Colors for Dark Windowless Rooms in Fountain Hills, AZ

Do you have a small room or a basement that seems dark and dingy? Are you trying to find a way to increase the appeal when it comes to the look and feel of the room? Some people think that a room with no windows as a place to potentially avoid. The windows make a room and add some great lights and brightness. If you have a room that does not have windows you don’t have to give up on the room. There are some great tips and tricks that you can use to make the room not just livable but enjoyable. These tips will increase the rooms brightness and it will become a great place to relax.

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Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms: Most people think that a small room or a room that has no windows should of course be painted white. White is a trick that many designers and painters use to make a small room seem larger. The reason that this works is because the room has natural light that builds on increasing the size. When you use a white paint in a room that has no windows you are only relying on artificial lights. The problem is that many white paints have a tone to them under artificial light that can make it look yellow or even green. These are not the colors that will look inviting. The better option that you have for a paint color is a soft grey. Grays are a great modern option but also looks nice under artificial lights.
Windowless Room Lighting Solutions: The next step you have to make decisions on is what kind of lighting is right for you. You want to use different elements to light the room. You can use can lights that help to illuminate the room from above. You also can invest in some lamps that can be placed on shelves or tables. You want to pick the right shade for your lamp so that it will diffuse the light into the room so go with a paper or ceramic shade. Heavy or metal shades make the light feel too harsh in the room. You also need to take some time picking out the right bulbs. The bulbs that are cold usually have a blue color which can make the room feel unwelcoming. Bulbs that are yellow can come off really artificial and unnatural and warms the space up too much. Be sure you balance out the room with the types of lights that you choose.
Design With Bright Colors for Small Rooms: You don’t want to be afraid of color when you go to design the actual room. Even if the room is small you can find ways to add a burst of color. Get a table and paint it a bright and glossy red or throw pillows that are pink or yellow. There are many ways to add color to the room and increase the appeal of the space.

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